The presentations of the conference is downloadable here.

1st day – “Innovation - Bridging Regions in Europe”

SEE_INNOVA main results on AAL - Opening plenary session

Welcome to participants - Innovation and Start – ups – the growth potentials
Mihály Pintér NIH

Macro-Regional Dimension - Future trends of EU transnational programmes
Mr Stephen Halligan (SEE Joint Technical Secretariat)

Elderly needs Box Promotional Tools - SEE_INNOVA end user approach
Dr. Aurelia Curaj (Geron Foundation)

SEE_INNOVA Innovation Voucher - the model and experiences – broader strategy forregional growth
Ms Sara Pasquali (Marche Region)

Small Innovation Voucher – 5 minute pitches by SEE_INNOVA partners on the winning projects


SEE_INNOVA - Joint Action Plan for innovation driven key players as a good starting point to think over the further transnational cooperation on AAL
Mrs Nora Mack (Clusterland)

EU strategies and actions for new challenges

Welcoming Remarks & Key note address

AAL within the H2020 – new challenges
Ms Agnes Divinyi (NIH AAL expert)

The EU strategy and actions to support the development of more world-class clusters.
DG Enterprise & Industry HoU “Clusters & Emerging industries” presentation by Mr Peter Keller (HUN Cluster Development Office)

Worldwide Clusters - the respective potentials of Emerging Industries and Key-enabling Technologies within the ClusterPoliSEE and CluStrat findings.
Italian (Marche Region – Mr Stefano Recchi) and Hungarian (NTH Mr Bence Mészáros) project partners

2nd day – “Clustering - Bridging Regions in Europe”

Cluster Excellence - Silver as a new quality between the Bronze and Gold
Ms Simone Hagenauer (ECEI Expert)

The role of Clusters in fostering innovation - Opening plenary session

Cluster Developments – improving the competitiveness of SMEs in clusters
Sebestyén Dóra (managing director, Unicomp Ltd.)

The potential impact of regional clusters on economic growth and innovation
Mr Peter Keller (HUN Cluster Development Office)

Key Enable Technologies – the Competitiveness of the smart regions

Ms Zita Zombori (Clustering expert)

Transnational Cluster Cooperation – the role of the National Cluster Associations
Mr Gál Körmendy (Hungarian Cluster Association)