1st Joint training in TRACE-KEI, was held on 28-29 of June in Bari, Italy where more than 14 cluster managers were involved in the training. The training aimed at giving the TRACE-KEI cluster managers a deeper knowledge on Industry analysis, Market Segmentation and Value chain analysis. The training provided an overview of the theoretical basis of these topics and the application on the most common tools.

During the first day of the training, the trainer Gal Kormendy from Hungary, introduced to the project partners general concepts for the Closed-loop development of PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) approach for continuous improvement in organizations. The main objectives of Industry analysis, Porter’s 5 forces and Ecosystem approach were thoroughly explained and discussed and then reinforced in practice, through a group work session, when the partners were separated into three groups representing the three industry sectors in TRACE-KEI, namely Agro-food, ICT and Energy. This approach helped for identification of differences and similarities of national/regional industries. Methods and tools for market foresight at cluster and member level were represented to the partners in the 2nd session of the training.

The second day was dedicated for value-chain analysis, both on organization and cluster level.

The participants were grouped in three sectoral groups, as they were asked to present an example for setting up a cluster value-chain template.

The groups had to work on joint establishment of value chain for the 3 different industries.

The joint training has helped the participants to acquire competencies for the steps and procedures of establishment value-chains and defining the value chain at cluster and industry level.